Good News

I’m excited to bring good news for all Carolina Panther fans this evening. 

SBNation recently issued a report around the recovery of quarterback Cam Newton.

On March 19, Newton received ankle surgery. All information gathered stated that Newton is on schedule to make a full recovery. Unfortunately, the recovery time will cause him to miss several workouts and minicamps. 

Despite this, the target date for Newton’s return is the starting date of training camp in July. 

The report also provided information pertaining to other players such as Carl Nicks and Julio Jones. 


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At The Two Month Mark…

I am thrilled to notify you all that this Sunday, April 20, will be the two month mark of recovery time since surgery in February. Despite not having several of the knee movements necessary to perform at high- performance levels, basic actions have somewhat returned. 

1) I can finally walk. Without the ability to walk, getting around a college campus was absurdly difficult. When one class ends and the other begins in ten minute, getting to the second classroom- especially when it’s on the other side of campus- was almost too much. I really missed to the ability to walk to say the least. Oh, I also got a new brace to protect the knee.  

2) Harder rehab. As the leg heals, the rehab gets harder. I’ve begun to do body weight squats, leg extensions, and hamstring curls. The swelling on my knee has also dramatically decreased. 

3) I’m getting thin. Since its been two months since I’ve done any type of conditioning. My legs have lost an incredible amount of muscle. I am able to being weight training with my upper body; however, exercises for the lower body will have to be postponed for another two months. 

Overall, my body is feeling much better from a month ago. My leg still has a 4 months to go before being fully repaired, but I’m remaining positive about the situation. I hope this update has somewhat helped you all understand what I’m going through. 

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Bad Luck For The Three Gronks

Big. Fast. Tough. All of these terms come to mind when focusing on Patriot’s TE Rob Gronkowski. What most people don’t know is that Rob is one of three brothers recovering from NFL related injuries.

According to, Rob is currently taken the time to recover from reconstructive knee surgery. His brothers side-lined by injury, Dan and Chris, are attempting to return to the league by “hitting” the NFL Regional Combine.

Chris Gronkowski strained his hamstring prior to South Florida University’s combine. The injury kept him from being able to participate in a couple of the required workouts. Dan Gronkowski withdrew from Detroit’s NFL Super Regional Combine after tearing a pectoral muscle during the bench press. Chris and Dan have all made positive impressions on NFL scouts despite not being able to complete their combines.

When it comes to injuries, it seems the Gronkowski family has endured plenty for the year. Positive vibes and luck need to find a way back into lives of these athletes.




Brandon Thomas’ ACL

According to ESPN sources, Clemson University’s offensive linemen Brandon Thomas injured his ACL during a workout last week. Thomas suffered from the injury during a non-contact drill.

The 6-foot-3, 317 pound linemen completed an incredible college season and performed well during the Senior Bowl. Sources predicted  Thomas to be second or third round pick in the up coming NFL Draft.

Thomas was ranked as the third best guard available in May’s draft.

Let us all hope for a speedy recovery. Despite this injury, Thomas is a strong and agile guard. It takes time for injuries like this to heal; however, Thomas will be a great asset to any NFL team.



ACL Repair & Movie Night

As the weekend comes to a close, it’s time again to suit-up for maybe the least enjoyable day of the week- Monday.

Despite this, I recently found a video discussing ACL reconstruction surgery in detail. Although this focuses on a different ligament, this procedure compares to the LCL and hamstring surgery I’m currently recovering from on my right knee.

So grab some popcorn and a cold drink- Sunday night will be your movie night!




Ahead of Schedule?

According to, Arizona Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians told SiriusXM NFL Radio a couple days ago that defensive back Tyrann Mathieu is “several weeks” ahead of scheduled rehab.

Mathieu tore the LCL and ACL four months ago in his left knee.

Many of you football fans remember Tyrann Mathieu from his success at LSU. He plays with great technique and notable defensive awareness. What most people forget is that he was a possible candidate for the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year honor.

What do I think about him rushing his healing time? It’s a bad idea and a re-injury waiting to occur.

Rushing healing time, especially for a injury as serious as an ACL and LCL tear, significantly increases the chances of re-injury. Just because he feels like he is able to do more serious training with the leg, doesn’t mean he should.


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The More Information, The Merrier

Many of you are either beginning or finishing up spring break- and for everyone, especially sports fanatics, going back to school or work is the last thing on your mind.

Throughout this week, several of my posts have dealt with LCL injuries. I found a helpful site that discusses the rehab process for such injuries and the exercises needed to assure a quick, complete recovery. Click here for the link: LCL Injury.

Read and enjoy!


My LCL & Hamstring Update

As promised in the previous post,  updates regarding my comeback from a  hamstring and LCL surgery will be provided. So here we go…

The first long, boring month of rehab has come to a close- and at this close, there are three main takeaway points.

1) Leg injuries tend to get worse, before they get better. Throughout this first month of rehab, on some days, bending the leg was painful and sometimes impossible. I encountered about three days like these- they’re dispersed throughout the month. Just stay positive- it’s the easiest way to make it through these days.

2) DO NOT RUSH ANYTHING. Be patient when it comes to healing. No matter how you much you want to walk around or go for a quick workout, don’t! Bearing weight on the injured area can ruin the stitches and the placement of the muscles in the leg. Ruining this will result in another surgery or not being able to participate in sports ever again.

3) I’m finally able to weight bear! Finally being able to bear small amounts of weight on the leg after four mouth greuling months is a huge milestone. I’m finally able to go out with friends without having to crutch along behind everyone. Training wise, I begin doing body squats, so pray for me- it’s been awhile.

I’ll keep you guys posted if anything comes up! Don’t take anything for granted!